WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner Speaks Out Against Anti-Transgender Violence

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November 20 marks the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance.

And Caitlyn Jenner is doing her part to speak out about lives lost due to hate crimes against the transgender community.

In a new video with fellow trans woman Chandi Moore, Jenner brings awareness to the emotional subject.

“Listen to trans people’s stories, hire a trans person in your company, support a trans person at your school. Love your trans child. Let’s all take action to put an end to hate violence,” Caitlyn says in the clip.

The day of remembrance was created by a transgender woman named Gwendolyn Ann Smith in 1999.

“This year, at least 21 transgender women have been murdered in the United States simply because of who they are. That’s nearly double the number killed in previous years,” Moore says in the video.

Watch the clip above to see Caitlyn and Gwendolyn speak about Nov. 20th’s Transgender Day of Remembrance.