Adele Is a Lady in Red on ’25’ Release Day in NYC

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Adele's 'SNL' Promos
With Matthew McConaughey. And a flip phone.

Hello from the red side.

Happy 25 release day, world. Our girl Adele is officially a human being with a third studio album to her name. She’s a human being with a third studio album that will break so many records (in addition to the ones already broken) you’ll never know if the music industry will ever remember what life was like before 25.

On Friday afternoon, the British songstress was spotted in New York City in a gorgeous red coat as she headed to rehearsals at Joe’s Pub. Adele is set to perform tonight for a very special crowd that will include lucky fans who won through iHeartRadio and industry folks. The venue is close to her heart, as die hard Adele fans know. Seven years ago, she made her U.S. debut at Joe’s Pub and would sign her record contract in the dressing room. And here we all are. Isn’t it a beautiful thing?

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Watch the spot-on parody, below. And celebrate 25 release day by launching the gallery of Adele and her red coat, above.