WATCH: That Time Ellen Degeneres Asked Gwen Stefani If Blake Shelton Was a Good Kisser

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Gwen Stefani and Ellen Degerenes are just two gals, chit-chatting about divorce, heartbreak and kissing.

And let the record show, Blake Shelton is probably a really good kisser, based upon Gwen’s reaction to Ellen’s out of nowhere question if he’s a good kisser or not.

Stefani, whose divorce from longtime love Gavin Rossdale in August was a shock to all, spoke to Degeneres about the song inspired by her breakup, “Used to Love You” which she sang for the first time live on the Ellen Show back in October, just after it came out.

She commented, “It was super emotional, I even think I sang one of the lyrics wrong…”

But Stefani is moving on from the hurt (Rossdale allegedly was cheating with the nanny for three years), and finding solace as a judge on The Voice, which she works on with her new man Shelton.

Ellen tried to maneuver into Shelton territory when The Voice came up by asking, “I love watching the show and I love watching you and how fun you are on the show and how you seem to have gotten more and more relaxed as the season went on and more playful as the season goes on…I’m just trying to dance around the subject.”

Gwen replied, “I’m having lots of fun, yeah,” as a photo of her on Shelton’s lap appeared on the screen.

She then confessed that she didn’t even know who he as before appearing on the show (’cause you know, she’s an “OC girl” and he’s country), but that “he knows every single 80’s song. He literally is a musical jukebox. He knows everything about music it’s crazy.”

Degeneres then tried to shoot with “And he’s a good kisser, or no?”

See Stefani’s answer (and reaction) in the video above.