Kendall Jenner Sends a Naughty Message to Hailey Baldwin via Cupcakes

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Kendall Jenner Hailey Baldwin cupcakes
CREDIT: Instagram
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Having trouble getting your message across? Consider saying it with cupcakes!

Kendall Jenner has a way with (frosted) words. According to a now-deleted Instagram post by Hailey Baldwin, Kendall gifted her with cupcakes that included a special message on them.

“[B]irthday cupcakes from Kendall Jenner. lol what are friends for?” she captioned the photo of four cupcakes with “Fuck Him” written on them.

Hailey Baldwin cupcakes
CREDIT: Instagram

E! News was quick to take a screenshot of the image before it was taken down by Hailey.

So, what’s the message behind these explicit cupcakes? The model, who turned 19 yesterday (Nov. 23) is still busy celebrating her birthday, but now there’s speculation that some trouble in the guys department may have been what caused Kendall to encourage Hailey to ‘forget him.’

Baldwin went on Instagram to share a special message with fans, and described how her year was full of ups and downs. “[W]elp… I’m 19! This has been an interesting year to say the least but it’s been so awesome and incredible. I’m grateful for every experience. Crazy how different things are from one year to the next but that’s life right? Thank you to all of you for supporting me it means the world couldn’t do this without you and all of my friends and family! This year taught me a lot with a lot of hard and confusing times, and a lot of good ones. Thank you God for seeing me through. I’m still here smiling :)”