#MCM: Joseph Gordon-Levitt in ‘The Night Before’

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WATCH: Joseph Gordon Levitt is a Tween Girl in ‘You Unfollowed Me’
Joseph Gordon Levitt does his best impersonation of a young girl with Todrick Hall in a music video entitled, “You Unfollowed Me

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been all over lately promoting his new movie The Night BeforeIn honor of his movie coming out Wednesday (Nov. 25) he is our lucky #MCM recipient this week.

The Emmy-winning actor’s new movie The Night Before tells the story of three friends Ethan (JGL), Isaac (Seth Rogan) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) who spend the night in New York City on Christmas Eve and their journey of attending the Holy Grail of Christmas parties, The Nutcracker Ball.

On a recent interview with The Today Show, JGL jokingly said about the R-rated film that “It’s good for families because it’s a cautionary tale.” He also talked about some of his favorite Thanksgiving traditions with his family saying “We make guacamole and Armenian cake at my house. My mom always makes Armenian cake even though we aren’t Armenian, and we just eat until we fall asleep.” Sounds like a pretty solid Thanksgiving celebration at the Gordon-Levitt household.

Also coming up in 2016, JGL will be playing CIA employee Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone‘s film SnowdenThis film tells the true story of Edward Snowden and how he released thousands of classified documents to the press. JGL is already rumored to portray Snowden realistically and showcase an amazing performance.

Check out the gallery above for some of JGL’s hottest looks.