Kylie Jenner Accused of Mistreating Her Dog

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Kylie Jenner's Dog Is More Famous Than You
You'll never guess how many Instagram follower he has.

Kylie Jenner is having a dog day afternoon.

The Los Angeles County Animal Control has launched an investigation into the 18-year-old and her pets after receiving complaints alleging that Jenner has been neglecting one of her Italian Greyhounds. According to TMZ, the accusations of possible animal cruelty started rolling in after Jenner shared a Snapchat video of her dog Bambi looking visibly thin.

Though a rep for Animal Control refused to divulge exactly how many complaints were filed against Jenner, the spokesperson says any and all complaints received is investigated. If evidence of neglect is found, Jenner’s dog may be taken away from her.

In her recent article in Interview magazine, Jenner spoke about putting her family and dogs — including her other Italian Greyhounds named Norman and Sophie and an English Bulldog named Rolly — above other material things.

“What I think is so amazing about having everything, and feeling like I have everything, is that I don’t really find happiness within materialistic things,” she explains. “I’ve realized through the years that I just find happiness in other things, whether it’s my dogs or my friends or, like, looking at the sunset. So if I were to wish for something else, it would just to be happy all the time, to have a superpower of not letting things affect me, and to be true to who I am, always.”