WATCH: Marnie Ties the Knot in the ‘Girls’ Season Five Trailer

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The Girls are back.

The hit HBO show has been rumored to be ending after its fifth season, and now we have a trailer for said season.

The series, created by Lena Dunham and starring Allison WilliamsZosia MametJemima Kirke and Adam Driver will continue on Feb. 21.

Williams shared an Instagram post from the show, showing her character Marnie dressed in a wedding gown with the other girls as her bridesmaids.

“Biggest secret I’ve ever had to keep for the show…” she captioned the photo. “I had two weddings in one year. One was a dream, the other was… Marnie’s. Season 5 trailer in my bio! Get excited.”

Allison wed Ricky Van Veen earlier this year.

Watch the trailer above and do what Williams says… get excited about the fifth season!