‘The Nice Guys’ Trailer: Ryan Gosling Gets Beat Up and Caught With His Pants Down

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If you’ve ever wondered what Ryan Gosling looks like when he’s sitting on the toilet, we have the answer.

The first trailer The Nice Guys is finally out. Coming in at just over three minutes, the clip features Russell Crowe beating up a bunch of people, a lot of swearing, topless ladies, gunfights, and — yes — Gosling without any pants.

Also starring Matt Bomer and Kim Basinger, the crime thriller centers around a private detective who partners up with a young rookie police officer to investigate the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in the 1970s. After a little digging, the boys realize that they might have bit off more than they can chew as they star to uncover a bigger conspiracy.

Needless to say, shit goes down.

The Nice Guys opens in theaters May 20, 2016. For now, catch it’s first trailer — above.