WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Suffers a Series of Windy Wardrobe Malfunctions for ‘No Tofu’ Magazine

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Li-Lo, meet wind.

Lindsay Lohan hits the sandy white beach of Mykonos, Greece, ready to catch some rays when she runs into one minor problem: Obtrusive ocean breeze.

CREDIT: Ellen von Unwerth

Still, the forever Cady Heron manages to maintain her air of Old Hollywood glamour x New Hollywood crazy by smashing watermelon, cradling said watermelon, and arching her back all over the Mediterranean waterfront vista.

CREDIT: Ellen von Unwerth

Lohan’s sultry editorial spread shot by Ellen von Unwerth in No Tofu is her first in the U.S. in over a year since covering Wonderland magazine back in 2014.

CREDIT: Ellen von Unwerth

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