2015 in Music: Our 100 Favorite Songs of the Year

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2015 in Movies
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As we near 2015’s end, let us begin our weeklong celebration of the year’s very best music.

2015 was, inarguably (and despite most of the Pop A-List sitting it out, album-wise), a fantastic year for new tunes. Drake slayed, Justin Bieber proved himself, Selena Gomez matured, The Weeknd broke out, and, of course, Adele came back after a four-year absence and made everyone else irrelevant with a simple “Hello.”

And things weren’t just great when it came to Top 40. Tons of rock, alternative, indie, experimental, and otherwise not-incredibly-mainstream music made a huge impact.  Björk released her strongest album in fifteen years (and her most heartbreaking ever), Sleater-Kinney reunited and gave us their first album in a decade, Grimes turned pop on its ear, and Sufjan Stevens returned to his roots.

I asked the staff of Celebuzz to help me compile a list of the best songs of the year. For once, they listened to me. So, in no particular order — in fact, I recommend you shuffle your way through it — enjoy our 100 favorite songs of 2015.

Stay tuned for more of the best of music in 2015!