Keke Palmer Refuses to Define Her Sexuality: ‘I Don’t Have to Be Stuck Down to One Label’

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Keke Palmer
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After the surprise ending of her latest music video raised eyebrows, Keke Palmer is finally opening up about her sexuality.

Following weeks teasing the song and music video on Instagram, Palmer finally released “I Don’t Belong To You” in October, her first single in eight years.

The steamy video, which features the former Nickelodeon star naked in the shower, ends with Palmer showing up to a woman’s house in lingerie. Immediately, fans began questioning the actress/singer’s sexuality. Was the music video meant to be a coming-out of sorts?

Now, Palmer is opening up to People about her sexuality, but much like many of her Hollywood peers, she refuses to be beholden to labels. “The video was to represent the young woman today – it’s not the traditional woman anymore – and not the specifics of ‘Am I gay? Am I straight? Am I bi?’ I’m making the rules for myself,” she said before adding, “and I don’t have to be stuck down to one label.”

Palmer went on to insist the only person who should be concerned about her sexuality, is her, “I don’t feel the need to define nothin’ to nobody, because I’m always changing. Why say that I’m this or that when I might not be tomorrow? I’m gonna follow my own feelings and my own heart.”