LISTEN: Mini-Mariah Carey Ariana Grande Unveils Surprise EP, ‘Christmas & Chill’

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Santa prefers cookies to donuts, so no hard feelings.

Ariana Grande‘s career is headed in a trajectory similar to that of Mariah Carey. Their respective notorieties in music began with vocal ranges inclusive of pitches only audible by canines, and now, they continue to battle for the coveted title of ‘Queen of Christmas’ to hold for all of eternity. Grande surprise-released a Christmas EP on Thursday (Dec. 17) entitled Christmas & Chill featuring six original tracks. This include “Wit it This Christmas”, which asks the poignant question,

“Are you down for my milk and cookies?”

Christmas & Chill is the pop star’s third Christmas compilation, following Christmas Kisses in 2013 and Santa Tell Me in 2014. It’s available on iTunes and is currently streaming in its entirety on E! Online. Listen to the single “True Love” in the video at the top of the page.