WATCH: Chris Brown’s Daughter Royalty Stars in His ‘Little More’ Music Video

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Sorry, Mate.
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For the most recent single, “Little More,” Chris Brown features his daughter and album namesake, Royalty, in the newly-released music video for the song.

Brown’s seventh studio album, Royalty, is named after the 26-year-old singer’s one-year-old daughter, so it should come as no surprise that the little one makes an appearance in her dad’s latest venture.

In “Little More,” Brown is woken up to find Royalty in his bed, both dressed in crisp white outfits.

From there, they spend the day together, enjoying some quality father and daughter time.

Brown shows a more playful side in this video, playing with his little girl, feeding her breakfast, dancing, blowing bubbles and just generally goofing off together.

He sings to her, “Even though I’m a man, girl, you make me feel like a baby.”