James Franco Is Producing the Remake of a Classic Lifetime TV Movie

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James Franco just did what everyone secretly wishes they could do

Your life. Your Franco.

James Franco will executive produce the remake of Lifetime’s 1996 cult classic featuring Tori SpellingMother, May I Sleep With Danger? The story for the remake was written by Franco, and the script was penned by Amber Coney, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter. His title of executive producer is shared with Spring Breakers  Vince Jolivette, and Lifetime producers Diane Sokolow and Rachel Verno. The director of Franco’s upcoming film Actors Anonymous has signed on to direct this TV movie as well.

Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? told the tale of a teen girl with a psychopathic boyfriend, who also happens to be a murderer. Franco’s take will air in 2016 on Lifetime to honor its 20th anniversary.

Here’s a clip from the original, wherein Tori Spelling has car troubles and flees the scene in classic 90s jeans.

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