Orlando Bloom Tries to Revitalize India’s Tourism, Is Denied Entry into the Country

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Blame technology.

Orlando Bloom was invited to India to promote tourism in the face of tourist decline by the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh state. However, Bloom’s sponsored trip to the Taj Mahal went awry when the actor was denied entry into the country upon arriving at Delhi airport. The Guardian reports that his e-visa had not been cleared despite his timely application in November, and he was thusly asked to return to London three hours after he touched down on Saturday morning.

“The immigration officials were insensitive and stubborn, and though Bloom was feeling uneasy and needed a doctor he wasn’t even allowed to sit,” says Amar Singh, a Uttar Pradesh politician who had gone to receive the actor, via The Guardian.

“They kept saying, ‘Bloom is an actor, so he is doing drama.’”

Bloom agreed to fly home to London, and then return back to India the same day if his visa could be cleared. “No Bollywood star would’ve done that,” added Singh.

The actor waited at Heathrow airport until the politician received approval from the Indian high commission in London on his visa, then returned to India to take a 45-minute tour on Sunday with Singh.

“At the end of his visit, he moved away from the group and sat by himself cross-legged in front of the 17th-century marble monument, eyes closed, chanting a prayer,” says a Taj Mahal official.

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