Zac Efron Goes Full Frontal in Red Band Trailer for ‘Dirty Grandpa’

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Zac Efron's Short Shorts Have Us Thirsty for Summer
Short shorts have got us thirsty for summer

And you can see everything

We’ve all seen Zac Efron in various states of undress, usually shirtless but every once and a while Efron gives us just a little more. Well this time he’s gone all the way, and we are all the way here for it!

In the most recent US trailer for his upcoming movie Dirty GrandpaEfron strips down to a thong and dances the Macarena. While the (mostly) naked dance was hilarious, if you couldn’t help but hope he was going to ditch the thong, your prayers have been granted.

In the latest UK red band trailer for the movie, Efron completely loses the thong when a young boy rips it off of him and for a brief moment he’s 100% nude. 


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