The Kardashians Don’t Talk About Scott Disick Anymore

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Things aren’t looking good for the Lord. 

While it seemed like everyone in California came out for Kris Jenner‘s annual Christmas eve party, there was at least one person missing. According to Page SixScott Disick skipped out on the holiday festivities, despite earlier reports indicating he planned to attend. Unfortunately for the Lord, it doesn’t seem like his presence was missed at all.

“When he’s not there, no one’s thinking about Scott,” a source revealed to Page Six, “They literally don’t talk about him. Everyone has their whole thing going on . . . I don’t think anyone cares if [Scott and Kourtney] are together or not.”

Even though he missed Jenner’s party, he did join his three kids and the rest of the family to open gifts on Christmas morning.


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So far Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have been able to successfully coparent with each other, but that doesn’t mean the two are on good terms. The same source revealed that Disick was “super pissed” about Kardashian hooking up with Justin Bieber. “They’re both like ‘[bleep] you’ to each other at this point,” the insider said.