#MCM: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Leonardo DiCaprio

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18 Reasons Leonardo DiCaprio Is Due for An Oscar
For the love of Jack Dawson, just give him one.

There is more to Leonard DiCaprio than never winning an Oscar — much, much more.  

The actor has been everyone’s man crush for longer than we can remember. Who can forgot how he stole all our our hearts as Jack in Titanic or as Romeo in Romeo + Juliet. Who also knew that the same handsome guy with tons of charisma would go on to become the best and most accomplished actors of his generation – and one of the most popular. For that reason and more, Leo is Celebuzz‘s Man Crush Monday this week.

Even with his impressive credentials and swoon-worthy good looks, DiCaprio has been repeatedly snubbed by the Academy Awards. He has won plenty of other awards (34 in fact), but none compare to receiving that golden man of honor. However, apart from being an award-winning actor, dater of super models, and millionaire philanthropist of the highest order, he is also one of the humble guys in Hollywood.

DiCaprio will probably get another shot at an Oscar for his role in the Revenant — the one where he reportedly got raped by a bear and had to eat raw bison — so let’s all hope this is the year he takes one home. We’re ALL ready for that to happen.

Here are 8 things you didn’t know about Leonardo DiCaprio.