Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up About Her Dating Life: ‘I’m Officially a Virgin’

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J.Law has been out of the dating game so long she claims her hymen grew back.

Jennifer Lawrence is arguably the hottest actress in Hollywood right now, but that doesn’t mean she can get a date. In a recent interview with Glamour, the February cover star dished on her dating life, including a recent comment she made about her hymen growing back. “It’s back,” she declared. “I’m officially a virgin.”

Jennifer Lawrence Glamour Cover
CREDIT: Glamour

It may have been a while since Lawrence has seriously dated, but she says it’s kind of all her fault. “It’s that I’m picky,” she admitted before adding, “I feel a spark very, very rarely. And it’s really only about spark for me. Not really anything else.”

Jennifer Lawrence Glamour
CREDIT: Glamlour

Don’t go feeling sorry for the actress just yet, she may not be dating, but she insists she’s not lonely at all.  “I don’t meet a lot of guys who I want to go on a date with. I’ll find a guy attractive maybe once a year. But I’m not a lonely person. Me not dating someone is not a lack of anything in any way. I feel completely fulfilled. Yes, when I spark with someone, it’s exciting, but I definitely don’t need that. ”

Besides, if she never sparks with anyone again, it’ll be alright, she and best friend Amy Schumer have already planned to grow old together. “Amy’s always wanted to live on Martha’s Vineyard, and we saw this house, and we’re like, ‘This is where we’re gonna Grey Gardens, and we’re gonna grow old and crazy together. That’s our life plan.”