EXCLUSIVE: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks About Making ‘The Walk’ in New Clip

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt describes recreating Philippe Petit’s daring walk between the twin towers in a new clip!

With the new release of The Walk on Blu-Ray and DVD, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has released a behind-the-scenes clip entitled “That First Moment” about crafting that fatefully scene when Gordon-Levitt’s character steps out onto a cable 94 stories up.

Also, a new app is available to give fans a chance to experience that harrowing moment for themselves. The Walk VR Experience App is available on iPhone and Android and offers users a view of 1974 New York from the top of the World Trade Center.

The Walk tells the story of an adventurous Parisian street performer who builds a career walking tightropes atop notable places all over the world.  Then Petit (played by Gordon-Levitt) sets his sights on walking a wire between the twin towers, a dangerous idea that could cost him his life. It’s equal parts love story, heist and dazzling visuals.

Download the free app and pick up The Walk today!