WATCH: Bradley Cooper’s Favorite Sex Scene Involves Clint Eastwood Being Handcuffed to a Chair

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Cover your ears, Mama Cooper.

Bradley Cooper, one of W magazine‘s most studly Best Actors of 2016, recalls his two favorite sex scenes to Lynn Hirschberg for W‘s “Screen Tests“.

“For some reason, when I was a kid and I was watching the James Bond, he recalls. “Grace Jones with Roger Moore, I just remember just seeing her back.”

CREDIT: W Magazine

“Yeah. There was something.”

Cooper’s second choice goes to a classic scene edging on the side of Fifty Shades of Grey. “Sônia Braga sort of kind of raping Clint Eastwood in The Rookie,” begins Cooper. “When he’s handcuffed to the chair. That was a very hot scene.”

Cooper is featured in W‘s February issue as an outstanding performer among Charlize Theron, Eddie Redmayne, and Amy Schumer. Watch his telling interview above and launch the gallery below to view portraits and quotes from W‘s February Issue, which hits newsstands on Jan. 12, 2016.