Jennifer Lopez Gets Down and Dirty for ‘Shades of Blue’

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Get ready for a side of Jennifer Lopez you’ve never seen before!

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JLo, the pop songstress who is apparently aging backwards, is taking the plunge in TV, starring in the gritty new drama Shades of Blue. And although we’ve all probably seen about a thousand cop shows over the years, Lopez and the team behind the show are aiming for something different. Something darker and more challenging for viewers.

“What I love about this story and this piece is mostly that it is very human. People at the core are good, but we do things that are questionable all the time. We make bad decisions, and then we have to live with them,” Jennifer recently told the Today show. “You know, I’ve played so many cops and [know] about it, but it’s not so much about cops as it is about the world and about human nature.”

The stunning actress plays Harlee Santos, a Brooklyn cop and single mother caught in a corruption scandal and forced to become an FBI informant. Her new gig? Informing on her coworkers. This already promises some twists and turns!

The show also stars Ray Liotta and Drea De Matteo.

Tune in tonight! Shades of Blue airs on NBC at 10 p.m. ET.