Kanye West Releases New Track, Deletes It, Then Debuts it Again

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Kanye West released “Real Friends”, a second track from his upcoming album SWISH featuring Ty Dolla $ign, on Friday, Jan. 8 via Twitter. He first uploaded the wrong version of the song and then deleted it, claiming that there was a “slight distortion” in the loop.

He was very apologetic, and used Spanish:

Listen to the new track and a snippet of “No More Parties” over on his website.

Kim Kardashian hinted that her hubby might be bestowing new music upon us every Friday in anticipation of his new album, SWISH.

Let the three flame Emojis attest that this is not a drill.

West has dropped only two tracks (“All Day” and “Facts“) since the release of his 2013 album, Yeezus. In his spare time, he’s been releasing fashion collections, fathering a new child, and milking the use of the word ‘dope‘. He took to Twitter on Thursday, Jan. 8, to defend himself against claims that he disses LeBron James in his latest single.

Today is Friday, and now we wait.

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