2016 Golden Globes: Eva Longoria and America Ferrara Got Hilariously Real About What It’s Like to be a Latina in Hollywood

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“Hi, I’m Eva Longoria, not Eva Mendes.”

During Sunday night’s 73rd annual Golden Globe awards, Eva Longoria and America Ferrara were paired together to present a Globe and they took to time to set a couple of things straight. Because it’s apparently impossible to tell Latina’s apart, as the Golden Globes so embarrassingly demonstrated in December, the actresses wanted to make sure the audience were 100% sure of who was presenting.

Longoria began with a simple reminder that she is notEva Mendes, and Ferrara reminded everyone that she is notGina Rodriguez. And just to make sure they really brought their point home, they added that neither on of them are Rosario Dawson.

Got that?

Eva Longoria and America Ferrara

Thanks ladies.

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