2016 Golden Globes: Jon Hamm Is Full of Regret Over His Best Actor Acceptance Speech

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2016 Golden Globes
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Jon Hamm clearly neglected the Scout Motto yesterday for the Golden Globe Awards: to always “be prepared.”

And the now two-time Golden Globe winner revealed he’s a bit regretful over his on-the-fly acceptance speech after winning in the Best Actor in a Television Drama category for his role as Don Draper in the now-concluded series Mad Men

On beating out Rami Malek (Mr. Robot), Wagner Moura (Narcos), Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul), and Liev Schrieber (Ray Donovan), Hamm revealed to Maria Menounos at the E! after party, “It was very unexpected, if it wasn’t made painfully obvious by my lack of preparedness and thank you speeching. But it was very, very nice to have our name read. It was cool.”

He added, “I literally did not think there was any way I was going to win,” explaining he assumed one of the other nominees would take home the Golden Globe because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has a “tradition” of awarding the newcomers, “outliers” and more unexpected nominees.

I thought, ‘Well, it’s the new guy’s year and that’ll be great.’ And then they said the old guy and I thought, ‘Oh, shit. This is going to be bad.’ Then you’re standing in front of literally everybody who’s the most famous people in the universe and you have to say something funny and I tried to and I failed. That’s when you really want to have a British accent, ’cause everything sounds better.

Hamm won his first Golden Globe in 2008 for Season 1 of Mad Men, and was nominated four other times.

While accepting the award for Best Actor in a Television Drama, Hamm thanked the series’ creator Matthew Weiner, “who wrote this horrible person [Draper] all the way through to the end of this incredible ride and picked me to play him.”

He then joked that he pitched a different ending to Mad Men, and thanked Weiner “for not taking my suggestion and ending the entire series on [band] Chumbawamba. You picked the right song. Thank you so much.”

Menounos then asked Hamm about his after-party plans, to which he responded, “You stand in a lot of lines. That’s what happens.” Hamm stands in lines?!

Trust me, you stand in a bunch of lines, and then eventually you get into the thing. As soon as you’re in, you go, ‘Should we go to the other one?’ And you stand in another line and you go, ‘Oh, OK. All right.’ And then you go home. “That’s a wrap… It’s all in the same building, which is actually kind of nice. That’s the one thing they got right.

Watch Hamm’s full interview below to find out what projects he’s working on in 2016:

In case you were wondering, Chumbawamba’s most famous song is “Tubthumping”: