Kevin Hart Gets Naked in Hot Tub with Ben and Caila on ‘ The Bachelor’

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Clearly Kevin Hart isn’t shy around strangers!

The diminutive funnyman and his Ride Along 2 co-star Ice Cube paid a visit to The Bachelor this week but they did little to heat up the romance.

The NWA rapper provided Ben Higgins with some advice for his first one-on-one date with Caila Quinn, a software sales rep from Ohio. Ice Cube took him to a liquor store to procure some hard alcohol and condoms for his date.

“I think Ice Cube and I might have different styles when it comes to first dates,” said Ben uncomfortably.

But things really got awkward when Kevin Hart joined the couple for a visit to a hot tub store. There, Hart promptly stripped down and climbed in a hot tub with the shocked lovebirds.

“I’m thinking, ‘Hey, can we get a little alone time?'” laughed Caila.

Nothing says “love” like a loud, naked comedian in a hot tub with you and your date, right?