Leslie Mann Is Not Afraid to Admit She’s Used Weed Juice to Go to Sleep

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If you have trouble sleeping, Leslie Mann has your solution.

The actress visited Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night (Jan. 14, 2016), and revealed that she’s used weed juice to help her fall asleep. “I’ve always been an insomniac and my brother told me that if you take a little piece of an edible – medical marijuana – that helps you sleep!” she explained.

“So I went and got the card, went to the medical marijuana place, and on the way in the guy told me I should get the Chewbaca…Apparently it’s really good, but I didn’t do it,” she continued. “There’s a drink, a pomegranate juice drink, so it’s healthy and has antioxidants.”

The How to Be Single star said that the experience didn’t scare her off at all. In fact, it convinced her to continue using it, which she does to this day. For example, when if she happens to attend a Drake concert at 6PM. Watch the high-larious video above.