Steven Avery’s Mom Doesn’t Think Teresa Halbach Is Dead

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CREDIT: Netflix
Steven Avery’s Ex-Fiancée Jodi Stachowski Believes He's a Killer
Jodi Stachowski says her former lover is guilty of killing Teresa Halbach.

Here’s another theory for you.

While Steven Avery‘s two former fiancées continue to bicker over whether or not he’s guilty of murder, the Making a Murderer subject’s own mother believes that Teresa Halbach isn’t even dead.

Speaking with WAAF radio in Boston on Wednesday (Jan. 13, 2016), Dolores Avery claimed that Halbach could have had a part in faking her own death and framing her son.

“I don’t know, but I wish the person could come forward. I don’t think she’s even dead. I don’t think so,” she told the DJ. When the host pointed out to her that forensic testing showed that Halbach’s remains were found at a fire fit just behind Steven’s trailer, Dolores retorted, “[Then] somebody planted them.”

“They planted the key,” she added, referring to Halbach’s car keys that were found inside Steven’s home (though, as the Netflix documentary series pointed out, Halbach’s DNA were notably missing from it).

Steven’s fight to maintain his innocence made headlines after Making a Murderer premiered on Netflix. Filmed over the span of a decade, the 10-parter followed Avery’s trial and subsequent conviction in the death of 25-year-old Halbach following an earlier wrongful 18-year imprisonment for a crime he did not commit.

According to Steven, 53, he believes local officials set him up him for Halbach’s murder in retaliation for a $36 million lawsuit against Manitowoc County.