A Deep in Thought Leonardo DiCaprio Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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Rihanna Reunites With Leonardo DiCaprio in Paris, France
While it might be known as the City of Love...

What’s going through your mind Leo?

Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio attends The Revenant premiere at Le Grand Rex in Paris, France.

DiCaprio’s Academy Award nomination isn’t the only thing people are talking about these days. Those Rihanna dating rumors are still haunting the actor.

A spy caught Rihanna catching up with her now-single buddy, Leonardo at the L’Arc nightclub in Paris, France. The two gave each other a friendly kiss, but DiCaprio didn’t want to add anymore fuel to the rumor fire.

So he invoked a French privacy law to prevent pictures of him kissing Rihanna in a nightclub from being published. Now that is how to handle damage control.

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