That Time Iggy Azalea Peed Her Pants at the Dentist’s Office

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How did Iggy Azalea go from a promising rap star to a complete laughing stock?

This is howIggy Azalea does her business.

Now that she’s back on Twitter with time to kill, the “Fancy” hitmaker has taken to the social media platform to regale us with tales of No. 1 and No. 2. No, seriously. She’s literally tweeting about peeing and pooping here.

On Wednesday, grown ass woman Azalea, 25, shared a TMI story about how she peed herself while visiting a dentist’s office. According to her, she was sedated for a root canal when her bladder allegedly gave out. Her assistant Alejandra Hernandez had to change her clothes.

However, that wasn’t all the toilet talk Azalea had for us. Earlier this month, the Australian rapper wrote about her boyfriend, NBA star Nick Young, and his pooping habits.

Apparently, the basketball player doesn’t like to wear clothes when he’s pinching a loaf.

The more you know.