Kylie Jenner Has Been Stuck Wearing This Cartier Bracelet for 4 Years

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Kylie Jenner's $7,206 Street Style
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While life may seem to be grand for Kylie Jenner, not all that glitters is gold. In fact, it’s a Cartier bracelet sometimes.

The 18-year-old’s fondness for the famous four-figure jewelry piece — which ranges in price from $6,600 to $7,100 — has perhaps been finally explained. According to Jenner, the reason she’s often seen wearing these pricey cuffs is because one of the bangles has been stuck on her for “like, four years.”

In a series of video shared on Snapchat, Jenner struggles to free herself from shackles of the bauble. Even a security guard at the Cartier store has trouble unlocking it from her right wrist.

“No one can get it off,” she says in one clip, rolling her eyes as a Cartier employee attempts to break it open using a small screwdriver-like key.

You guys, life is so tough.

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