Zac Efron Denies Skipping ‘High School Musical’ Reunion to Avoid Ex Vanessa Hudgens

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This is just not his week…

Today (Jan. 20, 2016), marks the 10 year anniversary of the premiere of High School Musical, and if you didn’t already feel old enough, the entire cast reunited to reminisce about their Disney channel days. Well, almost the entire cast. Everyone but Zac Efron aka Troy Bolton himself found time in their schedules to film the reunion special, which is set to air tonight on the Disney channel.

While Efron’s insisted the snub was nothing more than a case of conflicting schedules, that hasn’t stopped people from speculating about the real reason. The rumored real reason being, Efron not wanting to come face to face with his long-time ex, Vanessa Hudgens.

The two have not been seen together since calling it quits in 2010, despite the fact that the cast of HSM has had several cast reunions since then. Although Efron has remained friends with some of his former cast members, including Hudgens’ best friend Ashley Tisdale, he has been suspiciously absent from every single reunion. Now Efron is finally putting all of the rumors to rest.

After being bombarded with questions by fans, Efron decided to clear the air and denied he has a problem with any of the cast.