Not Even Iggy Azalea’s Label Has Faith in Iggy Azalea

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From 100 to 0 in a Year
How Iggy Azalea's career imploded in under 365 days.

Rapper Iggy Azalea, who recently blocked our organization on Twitter, has taken to (where else?) Twitter to share some frustrating news about the status of her new video.

Earlier this year — on Jan 8., 2016, to be precise — Azalea shared a “buzz track” called “Azillion.” Though she stressed it was not the official first single from her forthcoming album, Digital Distortion, she apparently expected that a video would be filmed. (I’m not entirely convinced she understands how these things work; “buzz tracks” typically don’t get videos, and especially not videos that require any kind of remarkable budget.) Well, cue shocker: her label refuses to pour money into a video for a song that isn’t even a single, but that hasn’t stopped Azalea from feeling the sting of failure disappointment. Read her mini tweet rant

That last one sounds like a threat, Iggy.

Anyway, I leave you with clip of Azalea’s iconic freestyle video mashed up with Sarah Palin‘s iconic Donald Trump speech: