14 Things You Learn When You’re Taking a Tour of Kylie Jenner’s House

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Kome inside Kylie Jenner‘s world.

It’s no secret that the 18-year-old is proud of her new mansion. Every since she purchased the lavish pad for a whopping $2.7 million last year, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been showing it off to her the fans on every social platform possible.

In a recent video shared on her app, Jenner gives subscribers a full tour of her home (complete with what BFFs and roommates — yes, roommates! — Jordyn Woods and Anastasia Karanikolaou‘s rooms look like).

Here are 14 things we have learned about Jenner’s amazing abode:

1. She’s turning one of the guest rooms into a recording studio.

Jenner is turning Karanikolaou’s old bedroom into a place where here guests can jam. “A bunch of my friends make music, like Justine [Skye] and Harry [Hudson],” Jenner says. “So I think we’re going to make this like a music room. A little studio. I’m really excited about it.”

2. She has a movie theater in the home.

She calls it “too cute” and “too perfect.”

3. The vibe she’s going for in her house is “vibey.”

What does that even mean?! Millennials, please help us out.

4. She has large, framed photos of herself cuddling with ex-boyfriend Jaden Smith.

While giving a tour of her office, Jenner shows off framed portraits of herself with Jaden Smith. The black-and-white photo are presumably taken on the same day Jenner and Smith took their infamous bed pictured together. ‘These are from a really long time ago,” she says. “Like, three years ago. but I found them and framed them so they wouldn’t get damaged.” Well, that must be awkward for Tyga.

5. She has a kumquat tree in her courtyard.

“I love kumquats,” she gushes. “I grew up with kumquats and I’m obsessed with them. They’re really good. They’re kind of like little sour oranges, if you’ve never had them before. I just had to get a kumquat tree because they’re just the shit.”

6. She doesn’t give a shit that California is going through a drought.

“There’s grass!” Jenner squeals as she films a patch of perfectly manicured lawn being watered in her backyard. “How exciting, and I have sprinklers!”

7. She has a glam room.

Are you surprised that someone who has her own lip product line has a spot in her mansion dedicated to makeup? The whole room is mirrored and has a photo of the Kardashian sisters as inspiration.

8. She likes to decorate the home with photos of herself.

Yes, that includes a portrait of her much talked-about lips hanging in her TV room.

9. Like every wealthy celebrity in town, she has a pool at her house.

The patio furniture is made by Restoration Hardware and Jenner likes to decorate her outdoor seating area with orange towels.

10. She has multiple walk-in closets.

Because, like, duh! She has converted an alcove in her home into a shoe closet, which she decorates with designer purses gifted by various family members. Jenner uses velvet-wrapped hangers to store her clothes in her walk-in wardrobe.

11. She takes her designing cues from Khloé Kardashian. 

Jenner now displays her cookies in large jars — just like Khloé Kardashian! She also has this Raffaele Iannello knife block sitting on her kitchen counter.

12. She has a light that helps her sleep.

Inside Jenner’s bedroom, she has a lamp that is made specifically to help her fall asleep. “I sleep with hue lights — always in blue or pink,” she says. “I used to be not able to sleep unless it was complete silent and pitch black, but now I can’t sleep without the TV on and some lights on.”

13. Her bed is MASSIVE.

Jenner sleeps on an Eastern King size mattress with six pillows.

14. She keeps a mugshot of Tyga in her living room.

Yep. That’s true love for ya.