#MCM: 7 Movie Roles That Have Us Swooning Over Oscar Isaac

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Oscar Isaac is quickly becoming a household name and Hollywood’s sexiest new movie star.  

Here’s the thing: he’s been around for quite some time. You’ve seen him in one film or another over the last decade, including 10 Years with Channing Tatum and Robin Hood alongside Russell Crowe. However, he’s also starred in a string of impressive and complex character portrayals. Whether he is a New York City folk singer or a scam artist, Isaac steals every scene. For that reason and more, the star of the upcoming movie, Mojave, is Celebuzz‘s Man Crush Monday this week.

To think that there was a time when this world didn’t know the dead sexiness that is Oscar Isaac. Luckily for us, that time is gone and we can enjoy him in all of his movies. With his incredibly impressive film resume, including one of the biggest films ever, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the 35-year-old just may become a whole new breed of leading man. Everybody wants to work with him. Do you really blame them, though?

Check out the gallery above for 7 of the actor’s sexiest movie roles.