Hailey Baldwin Hacked, Photos and Phone Number Leaked

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Hailey Baldwin Grabs a Coffee
CREDIT: FameFlynet

Hailey Baldwin’s private info was hacked and her phone number was leaked to the public on Sunday night.

The young model’s weekend took a turn for the worst last night when someone stole her info. Soon after, her phone number was tweeted out by several Twitter accounts claiming responsibility for the crime. Those Twitter accounts are also threatening to share her private conversations with Justin Bieber.

As you can imagine, the 19-year-old was almost immediately inundated with awful messages from strangers.

Along with her phone number, some private photos have also made their way online. But Hailey is handling the violation of privacy incredibly well.

It’s not clear if the young celeb is going to seek legal action for the hack but her positivity is pretty impressive considering creeps just went through all her info! #unbothered