WATCH: Celebrate Oprah’s Birthday with This Timeless Viral Video

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Moment of silence to commemorate the birth of the original Queen Bee.

Today, Jan. 29, 2016, commemorates 62 years of Oprah‘s existence on our green(ish) Earth. Her mere presence brings grown men to tears, causing even the most secure humans to go home and stare in a mirror for a while.

But there’s the light-hearted Oprah, who hides presents under our seats and shares pictures of her homegrown cauliflower.

Just picked tonight’s dinner. Roasted cauliflower! #harvestday

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Please enjoy the ancient viral video of Your Highness at the top of the page from an old episode of Conan that will make you forget about this nonsense, this nonsense, this nonsense, and this nonsense that cluttered our headspace this week.