20 Workout Essentials Khloé Kardashian Swears By

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It’s no secret that Khloé Kardashian is a gym rat. So, what’s in her workout bag?

Aside from her waist trainer, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has amassed quite the collection of exercise gear over the years — so much so that she has an entire wardrobe dedicated to her fitness clothes. Since we can’t bring our closets to the gym, Celebuzz has done a little digging and found the few essentials Kardashian recommends to keep around when one hits the weights.

From her favorite sports bra to her go-to sneakers, here are 20 products approved by Kardashian for the perfect workout.

1. Billabong Hand Over Love Backpack, $44 $34. When it comes to carrying all her things, Kardashian prefers using a backpack. “I love a good backpack, especially one with a fun print,” she writes on her blog. “I always keep one in my car, packed and ready to go for the gym.” She has this camouflage print knapsack from Billabong listed on her app as one of her must-fave carry-alls.

2. Avoin Sport Water Bottle With Fruit Infuser, $12. Anyone who’s ever worked up a sweat will tell you that hydration is very important. “Water gets boring after a while, and this bottle makes it SO easy to infuse with flavor,” Kardashian says. “Love a good berry mix in here.” The reality star also likes to make a batch of “detox water” using organic lemons, cucumbers, and mint leaves.

3. New Era Oakland Raiders Game Cap, $34. Having a bad hair day? Throw on a hat and hit the hiking trail! We spotted Kardashian rocking this Oakland Raiders baseball cap after her workout in August.

4. Puma Teamsport Headband, $14. Functionality, meet fashion. Keep your flyaway hair (and sweat) in place with a chic headband. “I love a cohesive gym look, so my headband and sweatband collection isn’t only massive, it’s color-coordinated, baby,” Kardashian pens on her website, suggesting this little number from Puma.

5. Adidas Supernova Energy Graphic Bra, $40. “If you’ve seen my fitness closet, you know I love to rock bright colors in the gym … and that includes what I wear under my shirt,” she says on her app. “If I sweat so much that I need to strip down, I know I’ll still look cute!” This sports bra from Adidas — a brand that Kardashian’s boyfriend James Harden reps — comes in a variety of of fun designs, but she has this grey striped one listed as one of her gym essentials.

6. Under Armour Play Up Logo Waist Shorts, $19. Kardashian turns to boxing when it comes to working her feelings out. “There’s no better workout for a physical and emotional release than boxing,” Kardashian writes in a post on her blog. “I love slipping into the boxer mindset and working out my aggression in the gym. It’s a stress reliever for me.” To look the part, Kardashian recommends these drawstring shorts with moisture-wicking technology that’ll keep your cool and dry.

7. Nike Legendary Jewels Tight Women’s Training Capris, $95 $54. The Kardashian family is known for their bodacious behinds, so naturally, they like to wear clothes that’ll highlight their assets. “I do love my solid black leggings, but why not rev up your workout with a loud pattern?” the youngest of the three Kardashian sisters says of workout tights. “Plus, if you meet up with friends after your sweat sesh, the pattern will distract from your messy hair!”

8. Nike Reversible Woven Bomber Jacket, $125 $74. Don’t let cold weather get in the way of your exercise routine! We saw Kardashian wearing this two-in-one jacket while heading to SoulCycle in West Hollywood.

9. The Dreslyn ’90s Low Scoop One Piece, $140. For those who like to do a few laps in the pool (or go jogging in nothing but swimwear), this stylish-looking bathing suit has been approved by Kardashian. She wore this piece by The Dreslyn during her vacation in St. Barts.

10. Arthur George YOLO Socks, $15. “I love, love, love matching a gym outfit all the way down to the socks,” Kardashian writes on her site. “I tend to go for pairs from Nike … Adidas and, of course, my brother Rob [Kardashian]‘s line, Arthur George! I like wearing tall socks and pulling them up to show off a fun logo or pattern.” You’ll never have a bad case of FOMO with these YOLO socks! #Bible.

11. Paisley Cotton Bandana, $3. Who’s a better motivator than Rosie the Riveter? We saw Kardashian channeling the famous cultural icon when she hit the gym with a simple red handkerchief tied around her head. She says, “I’m obsessed with tying my hair back in a bandana for the gym, because I usually have coconut oil in my hair as a leave-in conditioner and don’t want it dripping down my face!”

12. Nike Air Max Thea, $115. It’s almost impossible to get your hands on a pair of authentic Yeezy Boost these days, so we’ll settle for another pair of Kardashian-approved shoes instead. KloMoney recommends these Nike sneakers on her exclusive app.

13. Uniqlo Women Flannel Check Long Sleeve Shirt, $30. We’ve all seen Kardashian leaving the gym with a flannel wrapped around her waist numerous times. According to her, these patterned button-ups add an instant edge to any outfit — even her gym clothes! “My sweat-style to street-style secret? A flannel shirt,” she says. “Tie one of these babies around your waist to take your yoga pants from basic to baddie.” She likes this red-and-blue classic from Uniqlo.

14. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Facial Cleanser, $4. After a grueling workout, it’s always best to wash away all that sweat and grime. Kardashian recommends this cleanser for its hydrating properties. “Hydrate your skin now, reap the benefits forever!” she says. “Do your gorgeous face a favor and slather it with moisturizer … you’ll thank me later, trust!!!”

15. Evian Mineral Water Facial Spray, $7. Need a little pick-me-up between reps? Kardashian is “literally obsessed” with this facial mist. She gushes, “I go crazy for this! It gives my skin a boost of hydration on the go.”

16. Smart Water, $5. In case you need to be remind again: Hydration is key! Kardashian, along with other celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, reach for Smart Water when they need to replenish on H2O. “Staying hydrated is so important,” Kardashian notes on one of her “seriously addicted” lists. “I am constantly drinking water and this stuff is always in my fridge.”

17. Celsius Energy Drink, $21 for 12. “This is Russell Simmons’ company and the drinks actually boosts metabolism and increase stamina,” Kardashian blogs. “I drink this before a workout for a better result.” She also keeps a stash in her fridge at all times.

18. Justin’s Almond Butter Squeeze Packs, $15 for 10. For a pre-workout meal, Kardashian likes to snack on a pack of Justin’s nut butter and wash it all down with a cup of green tea. “I always have a a bunch of these in my purse in case I get hungry on-the-go,” she says. “They keep me full until I have time to prep a healthy meal!” In fact, Kardashian stocks her kitchen pantry with every flavor of almond butter.

19. Lancer Sheer Fluid SPF 30 Sunscreen, $52. Even before she steps out of the house, Kardashian makes sure to slather on some sunscreen before her workout. “Sometimes I’ll even do a little glam before the gym, but nothing that takes a lot of time in the morning,” she writes on her app.

20. Black Mountain Resistance Band Set, $14. “Resistance bands are sooo good for at-home workouts. They intensify exercises like squats, leg lifts and lateral walks,” she says. Kardashian likes these ones because they’re “lightweight” and “perfect for travel.”