Blac Chyna Unveils Rob Kardashian’s New Look

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Rob Kardashian Instagram
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Old Rob, is that you?

Rob Kardashian has slowly but surely been making his way out of his shell ever since he started dating Blac Chyna. Even though his new relationship comes with a considerable amount of drama, Chyna seems to be a good influence on Kardashian. He’s been working out at her gym with her trainer, eating healthy food, and ever leaving his lair for some fresh air. He’s almost the old Rob again.

Further proof the old Rob is here to stay, last night (Feb. 4, 2016), he revealed his new look/old on Chyna’s SnapChat.

Rob Kardashian SnatChat
CREDIT: SnapChat/Blac Chyna

Ever since Kardashian came out of hiding, he’s been rocking a full on wispy beard, but his new clean shaven look reminds of us Kardashian circa 2012.

Rob Kardashain 2012
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If his new look is any indication, it’s only a matter of time before Kardashian is back in the spotlight.