#MCM: 16 Michael B. Jordan Pics That Prove He’s the Ultimate Bae

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Happy early birthday Michael B. Jordan!

To celebrate the actor’s 28’s birthday, we thought we’d take some time to marvel at his hotness. In case you didn’t know, his nickname is Michael ‘Bae’ Jordan — and for good reason. He is everything you’d ever want in a man: He’s tall, handsome, smart, funny, talented… the list goes on and on. For that reason and more, the Creed star is Celebuzz‘s Man Crush Monday this week.

Also known for his roles in Fruitvale Station, That Awkward Moment, Friday Night Lights, and The Wireand Fantastic Four, Jordan has been plucking at our heartstrings since day once. He’s arguably one of Hollywood’s favorite new baes, and he knows it.

FYI, his middle name is actually Bakari. Check out the gallery above for 16 photos of Michael B. Jordan that prove he’s the ultimate bae. They will also make you feel all tingly inside.