Tuesday Ten: 10 Gifts for People Who Hate Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Him
Things your dude will love.

Forever alone and proud of it.

News flash: Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. Even though a lot of places would like you to think that V-Day is only for those who are in relationship, you (or your single friends) can still celebrate the holiday without all that clichéd lovey-dovey junk.

For those who are all about having an Anti-Valentine’s Day, here are things that anyone who hates giving or receiving sickeningly cutesy gifts will appreciate this Feb. 14.


1. IT’SUGAR “The Perfect Man” Chocolate, $19. Standing at over 10 inches, this “dream boyfriend” will never break your heart — but you can break off his head for a sweet snack.

2. The Ex Kitchen Knife Set by Raffaele Iannello, $169. Channel your rage into making a really killer dish. Not only do these knives rock, but its stand looks great on any countertop. Kylie Jenner has the chrome version of this statement-making knife block on full display in her kitchen.

3. Valfre Boys Tears 3D iPhone 6 Case, $38. Send a message to those bitter haters and thirsty fuckboys in style. We hear boys’ tears go great with a cup of truth tea.

4. Wildfox Nah Printed Tee, $64. Think of it as proudly wearing your cold, cold heart on your sleeve.

5. Ban.do “Fries Before Guys” Canvas Tote, $20. Like, is it even a competition? This one’s for those who would rather chill with some spuds than date a stud.

6. Various Keytags “Wish You Were Beer” Keyring, $15. A playful twist on a classic cliché. Pro tip: The brand also makes keychains that read, “Pizza Knows Everything and Still Likes You.”

7. Knock Knock Paper Voodoo Pad, $6. Being single on Valentine’s Day can suck a little Here’s just a little something to help those who are still reeling from their breakups.

8. Skinnydip Nope Laptop Case, $50. Say yes to staying in more.

9. Tabby Cat Wine Bottle Holder, $17. A toast to all the future cat ladies of the world.

10. Apriecots “Love Stinks” Pillow Cover, $17. Enough said.