Caitlyn Jenner Sues Prius Driver Involved in Fatal PHC Car Crash

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Just when we thought it was over…

Caitlyn Jenner filed a cross-complaint against Jessica Steindorff, the Prius driver who was involved in the fatal Pacific Coast Highway accident in February of 2015. Jenner believes that Steindorff should be held partially responsible for the accident.

TMZ reports:

Jenner’s SUV crashed into a Lexus, driven by Kim Howe, then continued on to strike the Prius. The Lexus careened into oncoming traffic and was struck by a Hummer, killing Howe.

Caitlyn is being sued by the driver and passengers of the Hummer, but in the new legal docs she says if she’s on the hook she wants Steindorff to absorb at least partial responsibility.

Read a statement from Steindorff’s attorney over on TMZ…