Gwyneth Paltrow’s Alleged Stalker Found Not Guilty

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The stalker who has been harassing Gwyneth Paltrow since 1999 was let off trial as a free man.

Dante Soiu was found not guilty on all charges during his trial on Wednesday, Feb 17., without any recommendation that he should be hospitalized for psychiatric treatment. TMZ reports that Paltrow testified that Soui threatened to use a scalpel to “cut out sin” in her body and that she got an attack dog to protect her and her children.

Soui was first brought to court in 2000 after Soui sent Paltrow 500 messages, including pornography, over the span of a year. He was found not guilty then by reason of insanity and was sent to a psychiatric hospital for three years before being arrested again for sending the actress new correspondence between 2009 and 2015. During this run, Soui sent Paltrow 66 packages and letters that contained a Weight Watchers cookbook, jewelry and clothing.

He claimed in court last Wednesday (Feb. 10) that he was hopeful that Paltrow would want to marry him after witnessing that he had “become a different person”. “I wanted to show a new face towards her,” he told the court.

Soui added that he wrote to many public figures, including President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin to offer them advice on world issues.