One Very Rich Person Wants to Make Your ‘Happy Endings’ Dreams Come True

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Ready for some ah-mah-zing news?!

We saw it coming from a mile away, and yet no one was truly prepared when ABC canceled Happy Endings. For a brief moment in time, there was hope another network would pick up the show, but soon it’s stars signed on to other shows and all dreams were crushed.

Over the years, there has been talk of a reunion or revival, including one really cruel countdown joke leading fans to believe new episodes were definitely on their way.  But Casey Wilson aka Penny Hartz, is here to share some news that doesn’t totally sook!

Wilson, who is married to Happy Endings creator David Caspe revealed to ETonline, there is a very wealthy person, somewhere out there, who is interested in funding a Happy Endings movie! “There’s interest. Someone even called my husband, who created it, and basically said, ‘I’m a private investor, I would love to pay for a movie’ … we were like, ‘Okay’ … now private citizens are coming off the streets!”

So far the mysterious wealthy person hasn’t backed up their claim, so until then we’ll be sitting here patiently waiting for a miracle to happen. Because if nothing else, we all need this back in our lives.