Justin Bieber Plans to Adopt Another Monkey, Vows to Keep It Away From Germany

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Justin Bieber monkey
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Maybe this isn’t such a great idea…

Back in 2013, Justin Bieber got into a lot of trouble when he took his monkey Mally to Germany without the proper documentation. Mally was subsequently detained and Bieber essentially abandoned her, and never once tried to get her back. Now, Bieber plans to adopt another monkey, but based on his past behavior, some people are not pleased.

According to TMZ, the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance is up in arms over Bieber’s decision, calling him “foolish” and “irresponsible.” The organization is pleading with the singer not to adopt another monkey, warning him the adoption “will prove dangerous to both you and your monkey, as well as irresponsible when it comes to your public following.”

Furthermore, the NAPSA wants Bieber and anyone else who is thinking of adopting a monkey to know that the animals carry diseases and lash out when domesticated. “It is simply not possible to fulfill the unique needs of your monkey within a private home,” they insist.

Bieber has yet to respond to the NAPSA, but we all know how much he loves being told what to do.