Sam Smith Talks Writing ‘Spectre’ Theme Song, and Basically Praises Himself

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Sam Smith Needs to 'Kiss Some More Boys'
So, that's the secret behind Sam Smith's success.

In other words, Sam Smith is a Bond God.

The singer recently spoke with Deadline about what went into making his Spectre theme song, “Writing’s On The Wall.” Not only did the mega hit beat Adele’s “Skyfall,” which reached No. 2,but it was the first No 1 Bond theme ever. It is also nominated for an Oscar in the same category as Lady Gaga and Diane Warren’s “’Til It Happens To You.” All in all, it’s a great song and he knows it.

My whole thing with this song is I wanted to make it a vulnerable Bond song. When you listen to Bond songs they’re not vulnerable. They’re very powerful, and the lyric content is strong. I really wanted to inject a bit of myself because my music’s vulnerable and it’s like a diary. I wanted to do that a little bit for a Bond song. I thought it would be really interesting to do. The sounds of the song, the way it’s produced is very classic, I felt, and tireless and simple, but I felt like doing the lyric like it was my brave thing to do. That was my thing where I thought this is going to be different, and some people f–king hate it, but I think some people like it. Hopefully, some people like it, because I love it and I love just the way it sounds and the way it fits with the film.

In short, Smith believes that his lyrics — actually his diary-like lyrics — were a brave thing to include in the song. But besides praising himself, the 23-year-old also spoke about what’s to come for him in the next year and how much he loves Mother Monster.

“I’m just trying to get to the bones, to the core of what I want to say in this next record. That’s my plan,” he said. “When I go to these big events it’s amazing, but you know, this year for me is my time to just pretend like all of that never happened and then walk back into it.” As for Gaga, he admits he’s a huge fan and once camped out overnight to see her in London.