WATCH: Reese Witherspoon Butchers Famous Movie Quotes with Southern Charm

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Ageless Reese Witherspoon is All Big Smiles on the Set of 'Big Little Lies'
Reese Witherspoon is still smiling big, twenty years later.

It’s Reese Witherspoon ruining famous movie quotes! Happy Friday!

The actress and her Southern lifestyle brand Draper James released a new promotional video today. Sitting in a wicker chair on an enormous front porch with some lemonade, the bubbly actress hacks her way through movie history.

“I’m gonna make him a cornbread he can’t refuse,” she says in her best-worst Marlon Brando impression.

“Ya’ll talking to me? Ya’ll talking to me? I don’t see anyone else here, so ya’ll must be talking to me,” Witherspoon taunts, as if tying the famous Taxi Driver quote up in some rustic, Pinterest-y twine.

The video is a little disorienting, but if pleasant and a little confusing is the goal, mission accomplished, ya’ll!