That Time Kanye West Fell Asleep at a Store and Reached Peak Dad Status

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Apparently, The Life of Pablo involves taking a lot of naps.

Like an old man, Kanye West was caught nodding off at a store this weekend while shopping with his wife and daughter as well as family friend Chrissy Teigen andJohn Legend. Luckily for us, Kim Kardashian captured the hilarious dad moment of the rapper catching some Zs beside North West.

In the candid photo, Kanye is clearly passed out on a rocking chair as Nori lies sleeping on a couch next to her dad.

Things must tiring for the Kardashian-West clan as they’re still currently renovating their dream house. According to Kim, the family-of-four is still crashing at Kris Jenner‘s Calabasas, Calif. mansion despite the fact that they own four other properties around the world.


Wherever he is, we’re sure Kanye will have no problems falling asleep there.