The Britney Spears Guide to Life, Chapter Three: On Choosing Female Role Models

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The Britney Spears Guide to Life, Chapter Two:
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Girl crush hashtags are endorsements of the heart—not of the presidential election.

Being a female pop star is hard. One minute, you’re eating cereal at a woodgrain table somewhere up in Martha’s Vineyard with the elite #squad and everything is chambray and cats. Then suddenly, the vintage area rug is pulled from underneath your suede shooties and you become the punchline of a subtweet. You get offers to appear on Dancing With the Stars and wonder how it all fell apart so fast.

This is why it’s important to identify and establish positive female role models from the get-go, as evidenced this week by Britney Spears. Spears knows a thing or two about womanhood. Lest we forget her poignant cliffside meditation on the topic in fringe and bell bottom jeans.


She is our Earth mother, and only she is capable of restoring order to the term “feminism” in a world that has snatched its proverbial weave in this third chapter of The Britney Spears Guide to Life, based on inspiring posts from her Instagram account.

Chapter Three: Choosing Female Role Models

Spears first began contemplating her feminine muses on Thursday of last week (Feb. 18) when she shared a screenshot of La Perezosa, a 1906 genre oil painting by Peruvian painter Daniel Hernández Morillo. Spears wrote in the caption, “I wish I was her!!!,” and we all double-tapped in agreement.

I wish I was her!!!

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Look how content this young lady seems, all relaxed in a translucent nightgown on her swagged-out bed, probably listening toThe Weeknd. She literally embodies the portrait’s title in its English translation of “The Lazy Woman.”

A day and a lobster dinner later, Spears posed for a photo with a stray bachelorette in the Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, where she is currently hosting her “Piece of Me” residency.

Kidding. This is, of course, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. Spears originally posted this photo and finished the caption with the hashtag “#ImWithHer,” but then removed it shortly after when fans began to speculate whether this detail was her endorsement of Clinton for office. The chatter about her political views grew so loud that her manger Larry Rudolph issued a statement to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“[Spears] respects Hillary as a strong successful female role model in male-dominated world,” he said. “But she doesn’t believe entertainers should necessarily try to be political in the sense that she would endorse this person or that person.”

Rudolph even went on to describe their meeting as “light chitchat.”

“It certainly wasn’t anything about politics. It was a conversation between two very strong women who really enjoyed each other’s company.”

Politics aside, the most controversial aspect of Spears’ fangirling over Clinton is the friction between her admiration for this “intense presence” and her couch potato role model from art history. We can see in this indecision that Spears is still at a Crossroads, 14 years later, between the respite of adolescence and the hustle of womanhood. Thus, the lesson this week that there can be a balance between La Perezosa and Clinton. We can sometimes replace the pantsuit with a translucent nightgown and somehow find success.

TODAY’S MEDITATION: What happens in Vegas stays out of Washington D.C.

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