Makeup Artist Joyce Bonelli Comes to Khloe Kardashian Defense Amid Photoshopping Controversy

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Joyce Bonelli and Khloe Kardashian
CREDIT: Instagram/Joyce Bonelli
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“The petty movement ain’t cute.”

Yesterday (Feb. 25, 2016), Khloe Kardashian posted a killer gym selfie to Instagram showing off her incredible abs, but she was immediately met with comments accusing her of photoshopping the picture. Upon closer inspection, it looked as though the door behind Kardashian was warped, a telltale sign of photoshop gone wrong.

Kardashian soon copped up to photoshopping the picture, but now without letting her haters know her bangin’ body doesn’t need altering.

Even though Kardashian successfully shut down her haters, one of her friends, makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, decided to show the haters Kardashian’s revenge body in all it’s glory. Wearing nothing but high-waisted underwear and an extreme crop top, Kardashian looks svelte as every, proving photoshop or not, she’s got a body to die for.


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Now I’m not exactly sure what the door in the caption means, but I’m going to go with, shutting the door on all the haters. Done and done.